Thread subject: Turkish Lessons :: The Broken Apprentice

Posted by Ozan on 21/01/2011

The Broken Apprentice

i couldn't repair the bonnet of my life
as i have made my heart a hammer
my master disgorges his feeling lowly to me
he expends my youth as oakum

my desires couldn't being welded anymore
i have been broken from yesterday to tomorrow
they say "your offender is the government"
'and your procreation generous family'

- really how can I go to the government my lady?

they beat the mig blue of my dreams continuously
my innocence has been nauseated to abuse and tobacco
even though they didn't buy overalls to me
i have worn the childhood of my big brother instead of it

the exhaust smoke reeks to the freshness of my hopes
as the chalk dust have to whitens my mind
the steel prickles of the pain prick to my heart
moreover my palms are callus field

- tell me the truth my lady, is it suitable for me
the blue of the school uniform and a red backpack

Serkan Engin