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just your love is smiling to life
just your love is smiling to life
( beloved divine souls..)

when I say goodbye to love
as if world turns into desert
my consciousness numbs, then
gets into my arms like poison

whereas...I mix up my voice with the wind
your numb smile
from my memory,

whispers melodies
youngish and fresh
comes back to me...

what I wish to tell you
blue at the sea
red in the dawn
freedom in the sun
rainbow at the sky
flowers in the mountains
warmth in the solidarity

so... devoutness of partisan
hate of guns
fire of the eyes
ballad in the lips
dances in the arenas
stars on the foreheads

so... knowledge in consciousnesses
honour in the souls
revolution in the dreams
rhapsody in the beliefs
love in the hearts
spirits in the bodies
that is... yearn
that is... love

so... my melody...
every morning
flows to my room
from the aurora
of your eyes
every morning...
luminary of your words
when I step out...
a hopeful cry to the world

Turgay Usanmaz
SignatureLet's learn Turkish!
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