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Can I use your site even if I am not a native English speaker?Do I need any books or cd's?How long does each course take?How much cost of this site membership?
If I want to cancel later, what happens then?What kind of a language is Turkish?Which methods and techniques were used?Who are the teachers?
Why our site?
Can I use your site even if I am not a native English speaker?
Yes, you can certainly use our site. Our site is designed in multi languages.
Do I need any books or cd's?
If you request a cursus, yes. What you need, we'll send you after payment of a cursus memberschip on our site. We provide all the tools and information that you need to learn Turkish.
How long does each course take?
The one course is for one year. During these 12 months, you can study whenever you want-24/7.
How much cost of this site membership?
It's free. Registering is simple and requires nothing to continue with your membership. Your membership gives you more access to information and knowledge resources of our site. The registation for a course is not requid.
If I want to cancel later, what happens then?
For Course Conditions please click here.
What kind of a language is Turkish?
Turkish is an agglutinating language.

Structure of sentences are usually Subject + Object + Verb.

For example, the sentence "Ahmet is going to cinema." that is structured as Subject + Verb + Object in English.

In Turkish “Ahmet sinemaya gidiyor.” has a structure of Subject + Object + Verb. in "sinemaya" means for "to cinema" and "gidiyor" means for "going".
Which methods and techniques were used?
In order to be able to teach you Turkish in a fast and effective way on this internet site, we made our language teaching method.

Grammar explanations have been given in our books. Explanations at intermediate and advanced levels have been presented in Turkish and utmost care has been given to ensure that an environment of one-to-one teaching can be conveyed via our site.

Please click here for more information.
Who are the teachers?
The creator of the content of this courses, Turgay Usanmaz, who has been teaching Turkish since 1979 on schools. Also other teachers are professional in Turkish language. Most of them are living still in Turkey.
Why our site?
Because we have a really Turkish Language Method. Our site presents an integrated method to give an online course on internet.