A few introductions before the start of the Turkish Language Course

1 - If you have your post, you can start the lessons. Please read also brochure "Tips to learn Turkish. There you will find good tips for your motivation to keep it with gooed level..

2 - You read first Lesson 1 (Ders 1), study it and watch on the DVD. Preferably a few times.

3 - Then you come to the site and follow the exercises ... (Top of the site, in the bar, "Lessons - Dersler" One by one. Follow the sequence.

4 - For every exercise, you can ask questions if you have. At the bottom of each exercise has an option to post a comment.

5 - You should have a notebook at home as needed, for writing homework.

6 - Open a new thread on forum for yourself. Your teacher will also keep contact with you there. (Note: Forum is a platform that everyone can see and respond.) Your teacher can follow your progress there and guide you.

7 - You participate in a general language course. It means that is not private lessons. But despite that, your teacher will consider your needs and expectations. If necessary, consult the matter with your teacher clearly. Your teacher will understand you.

8 - Sometimes you chat in the chat room of our site. You can also try the possibilities of sound and image to draw in communications. For example, via MSN Messenger or live TV of our site. The times you speak with your teacher.

9 - Do not forget Turkish language courses are divided into three levels. You do not learn everything at once in short time. It takes time and considerable tension. Your teacher will also contact with you as much as possible in Turkish language.

We wish you success and lots of fun.

Turkish Language Lessons


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